How do I enter a team for a poolie?

If an Admin is entering team(s) on poolie(s) behalf, they can use the "Create Team" tool

To access: When in Admin mode, click on the Roster tab, then the Teams option in the sub-menu, and click on the "+ Create Team" button.

2. Enter in the Team Details into Team Name, Email, and mark as Paid (or not). Then make the player selections. Once done, click "Save" or "Save and add another" if adding multiple teams.

The team will now be entered into your pool. The poolie will receive a notification to connect to the team via email. Until they connect to their team, the "Remind to Connect" option will remain below their team in the Team List:

This is the email notification that the poolie will receive from OfficePools once you enter their team in for them. They must click on the "Connect to your team now" button to complete the connection, so they can gain access to the pool. The poolie will receive this notification if they have an OfficePools or not.

In order for a poolie to access the pool - they must either enter their own team OR connect to their team through this email